MySweetApple - Adventures in LA with HornyHiking

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Description: We met in Los Angeles for a porn expo and we hit it off right away. The following morning we met at the hotel room ready to grab coffee and donuts to get ready for some fun. We started with a sexy photo set with Molly, taking an item of clothing each time, looking sensually at the cameras and our boyfriends, taking advantage of the moment to feel our bodies and kiss for the first time, her lips so soft and her tits so perfect! Our partners feel the sexual tension and want to join. We shake our booties for them and they lick our pussies in return. Such good boys! We lay them down and start touching their dicks over their underwear, feeling their cocks grown in our hands. I ask Molly if I can touch her boyfriend and invite her to feel Paolo's. We start sucking our partners and they lick our pussies again in return, I'm so horny, I need to sit on Paolo's cock, and I do! Feeling his cock so hard and deep in me while Molly and Connor start fucking as well. There's something so hot about watching people fuck next to you, feeling their moans, their breath grow faster and deeper. Molly and I turn around and start fucking them reverse cowgirl while we kiss and touch each other, we love knowing they are both looking and both our asses go up and down on their cocks. Paolo starts fucking me doggystyle and Connor fucks Molly missionary, the perfect position for me to kiss and ch 0 ke Molly on our way to orgasming. Now we turn around, Paolo is fucking me missionary while Molly is getting fucked doggystyle and I suck her beautiful tits hanging over me. Paolo can't hold it anymore, he turns me around and fucks me prone bone until he gives me a huge load on my ass and Molly gets the same. Now we're shaking our asses covered in cum! Group hug
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