Assylum - Feeding Charlotte Sartre

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Description: We proudly present the Director's cut of an Assylum classic and member favorite. In this incredibly epic, 2-hour and 40-minute session, which we produced over 2 days, Charlotte gets put through the most extreme ringer of any of our patients. She gets suspended and interrogated while being pissboarded, fucked in the ass, served breakfast out of her ass, fucked in the ass again, given 3 loads of cum and filthy drinks, and trained by Dr. Mercies to find new meaning in life. Yes, this session is intensely physical and intensely psychological. It literally has everything. This version includes new footage of her anal drink as well as lots of behind-the-scene interviews with Charlotte. You will not only be entertained, but you will also gain some unique insights into Charlotte's twisted mind. You will not find a scene like this anywhere else. Period. And you will be hard-pressed to find another girl like Charlotte. BDSM, Bondage, Facial, Rough Oral, Spitting, Crying, Face Slapping, Heavy Degradation, Mind Fucking, Pain, Cum Swallow, Eating Food From Ass, Enema Drinking, Gaping, Painal, Piss Drinking, Piss Enema, Punishment, Screaming, Spanking, Suspension, Training, Whipping, Anal
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